Essential Oils Are Antibiotic Alternative


There are many wellness benefits to be gleened from the use of

natural healthy essential oils in place of antibiotic medication .

Use of homemade formulas, holistic solutions, and dried herbs, may be helpful,

however none have the effect of high-grade, therapeutic-grade essential oils .

Some healthy reasons to introduce essential oils to your daily health regime .

Essential oils are more effective than artificial medications.

While I do not recommend that you give up taking prescribed medicine without consulting your doctor first,

there is an essential oil that can replace virtually any medicine out there.

They often work much faster than drugs and are completely safe, producing no side effects.

Essential oils  are less expensive than drugs.

For example, to experience numerous rounds of radiation treatment can cost countless dollars.

To obtain the exact same effect with an anti-cancer essential oil formulation would just cost 2 or three hundred dollars.

Anti-depressant medication is expensive and often does not work.

A couple of drops of frankincense oil under the tongue, on the various other hand,

can eradicate depression in less than 5 mins and last for the whole day.

Numerous essential oils pass easily through  the blood-brain barrier.

This suggests they can successfully decrease or even remove the signs of neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

They oxygenate the cells. One underlying cause of disease is lack of oxygen in the cells.

Taken daily, necessary oils can keep the cell’s oxygen levels at a healthy level.

many essential oils are effective antioxidants.

This implies they assist get rid of the complimentary radical cells in your body,

that these days appear in excess thanks to harmful overload.

 They consist of the immune defense properties of the plant.

Numerous oils are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial or anti-viral.

Others are anti-parasitic or antiseptic as well.

Both frankincense and geranium oils are understood to be anti-cancer.

Essential oils can help stabilize feelings. Lavender and chamomile are both relaxing.

Rosemary raises the mood and does away with irritation.

Then there is frankincense and geranium – both are sturdy anti-depressants.

Essential oils can cleanse the cells and blood. This is important, as we are continuously bombarded with excess contaminants every day.

Essential oils  can purify the air. Diffusing specific oils knocks senseless all types of nasties from the air and destroys undesirable smells.

Essential oils  enhance the body’s bioelectrical frequencies.

Bad diet, persistent tension and constant exposure to contaminants lower the body’s bioelectrical regularities,

which translates to suppressed organ and system feature. Daily use of essential oils combats these issues.



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